New Horizon Homepage

Welcome to the New Horizon Group website.

Launched in 2001, New Horizon is an international group of independent wellness and lifestyle business owners led by Denise Raynor.  

 000090 raynor 187 reduced 2We number several hundred and our passion is to live healthy and stress  free lives and help others do the same.     

In the modern world it seems that this is becoming more and more difficult to do, there is pressure to spend more and more time apart from those we care for in an effort to provide for them and ourselves.

In our businesses we redress this balance, our personal focus is for a balanced lifestyle, leaving ourselves time to enjoy our time on this planet.  The exciting thing is that we also have the opportunity to offer this same work life balance with a wellness focus to others. Is that something you are curious about?   If so, get in touch!    

The catalyst for starting up New Horizon for Denise was to achieve a balanced working environment with a sense of ‘wellness at work’ Something her career hadn’t given her. We now also offer wellness at work support to businesses and employees who aren’t interested in a self employed career. If your company, whether you be the owner or an employee, want to encourage wellness at work then pop across to our Wellness at Work page for more info on how we can work together!