Can we really have wellness at work?

As someone who has had a long career in traditional business I can certainly say that in my experience there have been few businesses demonstrating that they have the wellness of their staff at their heart. There have of course always been the notable exceptions, Richard Branson has perhaps lead the way in recognising that happy and relaxed staff are more productive. I do however sense some greater awareness in the air! Perhaps it is part of that groundswell of understanding of our world around us and as part of that maybe there is a sense of cause an effect? Can we really go on showing no concern or respect for everyone and everything around us?

Perhaps as we draw towards another new year, and in fact a new decade, our focus is being re-aligned towards how our planet can be best served and how we can ensure that those that go dater us will have a healthy and happy world to inhabit. I do believe that we can’t go on living this life of self interest and money focus is what I have seen spiral out of control over the past few decades.

Nearly twenty years ago now I decided to make a change in my life, shifting from a corporate life of stress towards a business that whilst offered the possibility of corporate style benefits was based around the values of family life and a healthy existence.

Looking forward I notice that traditional business is looking at how the workplace can be a happier and healthier place to be. I have colleagues who work with businesses and employees encouraging healthy eating, getting out into the fresh air within the working day and clearing fuzzy minds! All of this can help the health of the nation well as improve productivity and quality of output.

As I look towards the new year and talk to business people about their new year resolutions I have realised that I too can support this cause. As someone who has developed her own ‘Wellness at Work’ scheme it seems to me a perfect opportunity for me to help others. That is onto say that I am on a one-woman crusade to recruit everyone I meet into my Network Marketing organisation, I do not believe my solution is a one size fits all! There are certainly some for whom the business would be a great fit, and if you think that might be you please get in touch but there are also companies and individuals who would benefit from a simple wellness in  work review. For businesses I can offer taster events and pamper sessions that will lighten the daily load and raise the wellness and spirits of staff. If you are curious about how I can help you lift up your staff without losing huge chunks of productive time ask me how 

My New Years Resolution is to help businesses and their staff to have a Wellness at Work focus that will improve the bottom line and enhance everyone’s lifestyle.......we are, after all ‘only here once!’

Myanswer then, is yes we certainly can have wellness at work - but we do need to invest in the concept to make it happen!


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