Do Values Drive a Successful Business?

What are your values? I was asked this question some 18 years ago when I started my Network Marketing adventure.

To be honest, I had no idea.....although I had run traditional businesses for many years, I worked very much ‘in my business’ rather than ‘on my business’ I had no idea what values were and I’m sure many others would say that too! I know lots of traditional business people who have had this experience and I do feel glad that my recent career in Network Marketing opened up the whole area of personal development to me!

I do believe that understanding what your values are can help you to move forward in a more satisfactory way, so it’s probably worth exploring if you are looking at starting in business. It may help you to choose the type of business that would best suit you and also help you understand how you can drive it forward. 

So before we move on, what are Personal values? Here is a quick fly-by:

  • Your values are deeply personal and uniquely yours.
  • They are the things that you consider to be important and meaningful in the way that you choose to live your life.
  • They define your moral purpose in life.
  • You will naturally find yourself drawn to people, ideas, events etc that align with your values, and they will inspire you to take action accordingly. (Hence, the reason why we can sometimes strike up meaningful relationships with people when we have only known them for a short time.)

How do we discover our unique values? There are lots of different exercises you can do, follow this link to find a full description of one such exercise, I would recommend completing it to help you find out the values that make you tick!

With this information we are now set to know what drives us in life and business! Knowing our values will help us to understand what will make our work a happy experience, maybe help us to decide if a certain path is a good one for us but probably more likely we will be better able to decide how to shape or business and relationships and who we will be best suited to working with!

Want to discover how your values might fit within our business? Get in touch!






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