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Resolutions for a new year and new decade!

The New Year is fast approaching. Many of us are feeling motivated and inspired to make 2020 our year - the year where we get on top of things and make significant changes in our life. I completely understand that sentiment and feel that way myself, who doesn’t?

Looking forward to the New Year, making plans, setting goals and starting a new regime is something that I started to take a lot more seriously when I started my Network Marketing Business nearly 20 years ago. I was taught some useful skills to help me make the best of this, and any other new start. If you struggle with making new starts stick beyond a day or two here are a couple of tips you may find useful:
But before we go into the New Year, I think is important to reflect back on the past one. There is so much to be gained from reflection - what went well this year? What did not go so well? What do I want to change? What do I want more of? These are all important questions to ponder on. Have you created a bit of space before the turn of the year to reflect? In fact, the end of this year is also the end of the decade. A valuable exercise might also be to reflect back on the whole decade. Once you have taken stock on the past month, year, decade, you are in a great place to look forward.

The next thing I would suggest to do is actually give thought to what you want to achieve in the next period, breaking it down into manageable chunks and not throwing yourself at huge dreams without a plan. Pick just one or two achievable goals that will also stretch you. Think about personal goals, family goals, health/fitness/lifestyle goals and business/income goals. Set one for each area so that you create balance. Write them down in the present tense with an achievement date. For example: ‘It is 30th June 2020, I weight 140 pounds and feel light and healthy’ Next create a pathway of small behaviours that you need to achieve this goal. Write these down too. Keep a diary or tracker to keep yourself focussed. For weight loss for example, the My Fitness Pal App can be useful.

Finally take time to make it visual by creating a Goal Board  which can simply be a collage of inspiring pictures cut from magazines along with attached written time-bound goals or try a Goal Map (Brian Mayne offers free tools for his fantastic system, find him at  He offers free tools on his website and inexpensive workshops too. I have found his system invaluable.

However you choose to create your visual goal reminder remember they should be SMART Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timebound.

Have fun and Happy New Year!

Need help with goalsetting? email me


Can we really have wellness at work?

As someone who has had a long career in traditional business I can certainly say that in my experience there have been few businesses demonstrating that they have the wellness of their staff at their heart. There have of course always been the notable exceptions, Richard Branson has perhaps lead the way in recognising that happy and relaxed staff are more productive. I do however sense some greater awareness in the air! Perhaps it is part of that groundswell of understanding of our world around us and as part of that maybe there is a sense of cause an effect? Can we really go on showing no concern or respect for everyone and everything around us?

Perhaps as we draw towards another new year, and in fact a new decade, our focus is being re-aligned towards how our planet can be best served and how we can ensure that those that go dater us will have a healthy and happy world to inhabit. I do believe that we can’t go on living this life of self interest and money focus is what I have seen spiral out of control over the past few decades.

Nearly twenty years ago now I decided to make a change in my life, shifting from a corporate life of stress towards a business that whilst offered the possibility of corporate style benefits was based around the values of family life and a healthy existence.

Looking forward I notice that traditional business is looking at how the workplace can be a happier and healthier place to be. I have colleagues who work with businesses and employees encouraging healthy eating, getting out into the fresh air within the working day and clearing fuzzy minds! All of this can help the health of the nation well as improve productivity and quality of output.

As I look towards the new year and talk to business people about their new year resolutions I have realised that I too can support this cause. As someone who has developed her own ‘Wellness at Work’ scheme it seems to me a perfect opportunity for me to help others. That is onto say that I am on a one-woman crusade to recruit everyone I meet into my Network Marketing organisation, I do not believe my solution is a one size fits all! There are certainly some for whom the business would be a great fit, and if you think that might be you please get in touch but there are also companies and individuals who would benefit from a simple wellness in  work review. For businesses I can offer taster events and pamper sessions that will lighten the daily load and raise the wellness and spirits of staff. If you are curious about how I can help you lift up your staff without losing huge chunks of productive time ask me how 

My New Years Resolution is to help businesses and their staff to have a Wellness at Work focus that will improve the bottom line and enhance everyone’s lifestyle.......we are, after all ‘only here once!’

Myanswer then, is yes we certainly can have wellness at work - but we do need to invest in the concept to make it happen!

Do Values Drive a Successful Business?

What are your values? I was asked this question some 18 years ago when I started my Network Marketing adventure.

To be honest, I had no idea.....although I had run traditional businesses for many years, I worked very much ‘in my business’ rather than ‘on my business’ I had no idea what values were and I’m sure many others would say that too! I know lots of traditional business people who have had this experience and I do feel glad that my recent career in Network Marketing opened up the whole area of personal development to me!

I do believe that understanding what your values are can help you to move forward in a more satisfactory way, so it’s probably worth exploring if you are looking at starting in business. It may help you to choose the type of business that would best suit you and also help you understand how you can drive it forward. 

So before we move on, what are Personal values? Here is a quick fly-by:

  • Your values are deeply personal and uniquely yours.
  • They are the things that you consider to be important and meaningful in the way that you choose to live your life.
  • They define your moral purpose in life.
  • You will naturally find yourself drawn to people, ideas, events etc that align with your values, and they will inspire you to take action accordingly. (Hence, the reason why we can sometimes strike up meaningful relationships with people when we have only known them for a short time.)

How do we discover our unique values? There are lots of different exercises you can do, follow this link to find a full description of one such exercise, I would recommend completing it to help you find out the values that make you tick!

With this information we are now set to know what drives us in life and business! Knowing our values will help us to understand what will make our work a happy experience, maybe help us to decide if a certain path is a good one for us but probably more likely we will be better able to decide how to shape or business and relationships and who we will be best suited to working with!

Want to discover how your values might fit within our business? Get in touch!





Integrity in Business

Hi Integrity has always been a high level value for me in all areas of my life. I have always tried to do the right thing and feel it keenly if I sense that others have different values.

When I joined the Network Marketing industry in 2001 my greatest fear was that I would discover that I had surrounded myself with people whose values didn’t match my own and that I would be embarrassed by others actions. I had read and heard rumours of this relatively new industry and whilst I liked the idea of helping myself by helping others I wasn’t naive enough to think that the principle couldn’t be skewed by self interested people.

Of course, no industry is perfect, and I would say that in my years in the industry I have come across some self centred rogues (though I might add, I met at least the same proportion in my previous world, the fashion industry!) Yes, I have seen some toe curling claims being made over the years and sad to say some individuals that were probably never right for our industry have been encouraged to join by an unscrupulous business owner looking for the quick volume that will give them a great prize or bonus. So sad.

There is a saying that still gets bandied about in our industry, ‘Are you prepared to do whatever it takes’. To be honest, no I won’t do whatever it takes, for me that over-steps the lines of integrity for me, it suggests that any action is okay. I don’t believe that is true.

I do believe however, that operating with integrity, knowing what is the right thing to do for you and those around you, is at the core of a great network marketing organisation. The most successful business owners that I have seen over the years are those that think about the impact of their actions on others and seek to have a positive influence on others wealth and wellbeing, be it team members or customers.

So if you are looking at our industry and wondering as I did all those years ago if it is something you would feel comfortable in being associated with I say ‘take a good look at the business that is being promoted to you, take an even closer look at the methods and attitudes of the person showing you the business and if after close inspection you feel that you could get happily involved, then go ahead with enthusiasm and confidence. Enjoy your very own rocket ride!’

Building Relationships, building a business!

After spending a month in Australia visiting friends and enjoying taking in both the wonderful coast and country alongside the equally stunning cities of Sydney and Melbourne (including the first F1 GP of the season.....a passion we were excited to indulge!) my plan for Spring and early Summer has been to invest the energy I’ve brought back from our exciting adventure into both developing more local retail customers and also adding to the Team.

Following a period of ill health a move to South Wales was very much about recuperation, re-balancing my life and enjoying the fruits of my earlier labours in building my successful network marketing business. But that re-grouping time rolled on longer than I had ever planned  so after a wonderful time ‘down under’ during one of their hottest summers on record followed by a stop-over in Qatar to break up the long journey I definitely felt ready to get my sleeves rolled up!

Since moving to Wales I have kept my hand in with the business, attending local business networks where I have developed a few new customers and added to the team as and when the opportunity arose, but having built a substantial business in the previous years, there hasn’t been the need to push myself.......I had achieved the walk away business with income produced from ongoing sales to long-standing customers and passive income from the team working their own businesses where my past input has helped build independence. Exactly what was promised when I set out with baby steps many years ago but I was starting to feel that there is still more to do!

Coming back from the Antipodean adventure I felt refreshed and ready to get stuck in, and the groundwork I have done in the local area over the recent months and years has been a great foundation to springboard the next period of growth.

What I’ve been doing over the recent times is building relationships and building trust, so coming back refreshed and excited about the business, products and the next years potential I have found that new customers and business partners are presenting themselves in abundance! Sometimes we are unaware of how relationships are building and trust is growing until we have a chance to view the journey from a different angle. I don’t think we are always clear exactly where our actions are taking us, but I certainly know that building strong relationships in a relaxed way gives us a seedbed from which the flowers of our future ambitions will blossom!

I’m so excited for 2019 and 2020, not least because Forever Living have recently announced that Sydney is the big company trip destination  for next maybe it was all meant to be and relationships I built this spring in Australia were meant as a foundation for my next big business growth spurt!


Multiple Income Streams Smooth the Way

One job for life with a valuable pension as part of the package has long been an outdated pipe dream. Traditional self employment has been a great alternative in the recent past, offering control and up to a point flexibility. Network Marketing, a business model that has been around for well over half a century has typically been seen as an industry full of wide boys and the gullible in equal measure. So what can the way forward be in a rapidly changing world with a constantly changing workforce?

Multiple income streams seem to more than ever offer a balanced bank balance, smoothing the almost inevitable peaks and troughs in each of the possible options.

So is it really possible to juggle work to accommodate multiple income streams? In our current world I would say yes, and it’s likely to be the way forward for more working people in the coming years? Why? Part-time flexible working is becoming more prevalent in the traditional work-place. Blurred lines between employed roles and self employment are becoming more and more evident and Zero hours contracts, something that was unheard of just a decade ago are now almost the norm. A sensible move would be to develop those multiple income streams with a view to smoothing those dips in income, wherever they appear!

Someone starting out with this strategy may feel more comfortable with having a traditional but part time employed role with an element of security and potentially covering the base bills. Add to this a traditional self employed role related to an interest or design/maintenance, fashion design/styling, beauty or sports therapy. Something that makes the heart sing and doesn’t feel like work. Related to this self employment or even something in a completely different field can be a Network Marketing Business. Typically this will be part-time, often no more than 10-12 focused hours per week that can slot in with other activities but can develop into a passive income. This industry has been around for well over half a century (Forever Living, the NM business that I work alongside has been around for over 40 years. There are many alternatives in this business model, something to suit everyone! I would of course recommend that people look at Forever Living with me as I know that it has a very stable and profitable marketing plan, but nothing is for everyone and if health and wellness isn’t your thing then research with bring forth several alternative options, in product as well as service sectors. I would only caution  full research is needed and honestly would not recommend joining a brand new NM business as I would say that would be very risky! 

As incomes grow I would also recommend investing outside of business, in property and shares/bullion. Shifting 10% of income across into investments from an early age can make a huge difference in later life. 

The result of a multiple income stream strategy can provide not only income from paid work, but as time goes on a passive income and even multiple pension pots!

I truly believe that this strategy is the way to achieve comfort in the later years without money worries that seem to be almost a given if a single path is taken.

Keeping the momentum going

As February draws to a close the evidence of both business owners in the team and fitness plan customers starting to feel the strain of keeping the momentum of New Years Resolutions and big plans for the year going is coming into sharp focus.

There’s a saying that goes something like this....... commitment is keeping going long after the mood to achieve the goal has left us. How often do we see that mood faulter as things get tough? Here’s another one for you....most people give up just before the corner is about to be turned.

Keeping focus is probably the biggest challenge that I see. Forever Living team members who want it it all but can’t wait to achieve the big bucks they envisioned for themselves just a few short weeks previously. Customers who set out on a fitness regime including our excellent FIT products, but ‘fall off the wagon’ for want of a little patience and long term vision.

Inevitably I look inwards, is there anything more that I could have done, did my support fall short of what was needed? Difficult questions that it’s good to have in mind but bad to be constantly blaming ourselves for others shortcomings. The reality is that nothing is for everyone, business, product, programme. We can only be available for those that seek our help and take note of our advice and ‘bless and release’ the others. Some will return when the time is more right.

So where does this leave me in my advice to those who want to maintain momentum? Well, if I’ve ever been your coach, then you’ve likely heard this all before!

Set clear, manageable goals that are achievable.

Break the major goal down into bite sized chunks (how do you eat an elephant.....a bite at a time!)

Track your success and, a little like sailing, you will often need to tack left and right to get to your goal, success is not often a straight road.

Keep records that you can review and share. (and be honest on activity levels, are you doing enough?)

Work with your mentor, do what you commit to doing, but if things go pear-shaped then enlist their help, be honest and don’t hide away fearing their wrath......they are there to help, not scald, as long as you don’t keep making the same mistakes or continue to do little and expect much it will be their pleasure to work with you.

Remember that Rome was not built in a day, Fortune Favours the Brave and only you can deny you of the success that you wish for!


Home Based International Business

Who would have thought it? Trading worldwide wasn’t something I had expected to be part of my business in my early days with Forever Living even though I was always aware that this is an international business with opportunities around the world. Somehow that was exactly what I understood about the business......opportunity for people living in different countries rather than business expanding into different countries. Of course I knew that leaders within the business has expanded their reach worldwide but I didn’t see that for me. Nevertheless over the years my business has expanded beyond local borders, mainly without much personal input!

So how is this possible? Forever Living is a network of worldwide businesses that are linked. Join Forever in one country and you have access to business in over 150 countries. If you know someone in another country you can introduce them to the business and if they like what they see then they can start their business as part of your team. Those who are already in your team may want to expand into other countries and when they do, your business has instantly expanded abroad!

Starting a business always requires support and having help from the person who introduced you is always important but with Forever the company also offers support, meaning that there is help from many sources of experience and in multiple locations. Building an international business is therefore made more simple for those with international ambitions! Starting a business for yourself but never by yourself as the old saying goes!

Forever Living have built into their Marketing Plan benefits that transfer across the globe, incentives can be achieved in one country or across several countries making international ambitions a positive benefit in joining Forever. Those who want to conquer the world are supported and encouraged!

With the expansion of Social Media and communication technology it is possible to work with colleagues across time zones and this is the key to expanding business worldwide. A team working together in a new way.

Developing a Forever Living business in just one country can create a very substantial income......but in these days of international communication and in a world that is getting smaller in so many ways it’s fantastic to know that Forever encourages and rewards its business owners for sharing the opportunity and growing their businesses all over the world.

For more information on how you could develop an International Business with us drop me a line with your questions.


Together Everyone Achieves More

This is a line I heard early on in my Network Marketing career......Together Everyone Achieves More. I was excited by the idea, though not really sure what it meant.

In 2001 I was looking for a change as although I had a successful career and made good money I had created a business that left me quite isolated, working from home and often having little engagement with others throughout the day. I had come to realise that I wanted to be part of a team. By chance I answered an advertisement in the local village magazine and the rest, as they say, is history!

So what has this oft used statement come to mean to me? I have found that having a home based business in the network marketing industry has given me the chance to feel part of a team whilst at the same time running my own business.

Today I will be travelling to the Midlands to spend time with over 100 of the team that I work alongside in my business. I’m looking forward to catching up with those colleagues that I don’t see regularly, enjoying some down-time with a little fizz and some lovely food (I need another good meal this soon after the festivities!) I will also get the chance to share my knowledge and experience with others and more importantly learn great tips that I can put to use in my business.

New Year is a time where we can re-set our sails for success and being part of a team helps me to do that whilst also having the autonomy of being the master of my own ship.....the best of both worlds, I’ve come to feel!

In my 18th year in the Network Matketing Industry I’m still as excited about the future as I was all those years ago when I didn’t know anything about the industry but joined anyway as I had a positive gut feeling that I wanted to follow.

This weekend is going to be both fun and productive and I’m so glad that I took that decision all those years ago to start my business as part of a team of businesses. I love the cameraderie and support that I missed when in traditional business and I can’t wait to help a few ‘mini-me’s’ get started with their own journey......who’d have thought?

New Year New You?

Will you #BeResolute in 2019?

At Forever Living UK we have a campaign to help with those New Year Weight and Fitness goals. Called #BeResolute our campaign is designed to support that goal that so many have after the season of excess........get back into shape and improve diet and digestion!

Would having a simple to follow 9, 24, 39 or more day plan available with personal support be interesting and useful to you?

Our C9 kickstart can be used as a stand alone snap focus or our FIT15 can follow on for those who need a little more help. The kits come with a mix of nutritional supplements and shakes to mix with your favourite type of milk alongside exercise tips and healthy recipes to follow......everything you need in fact!

We have found that one to one and group support is key to maintaining focus and this is part of the personal service we offer to our customers.

Our group 24 Day Shred starts on Monday 7th January.......would you like to join us?

Take a look at our products and drop me an email with any would be great to have you join us!


Merry Xmas meaning Many Excesses?

December the 21st.....are you ready?

The big day is just around the corner and as I contemplate the supermarket dash and fight with the other customers to pile trollies high with rich and calorific groceries......enough to feed the world for a month surely?......I wonder what the digestion of many of my fellow shoppers will be feeling like in a day or two? Pretty bloated m sure!

The old joke rings in my ear.......don’t forget to buy for a month........the shops are closed for a full 24 hours! Xmas excess has hit us again!

Determined not to fall into that trap this year our list is modest without being completely bereft of goodies. My plan is that we will feel pleasantly full, enjoy some popular flavours and avoid the bloating and unnecessary weight gain that seems to be par for the course of the festive season!

Alongside our favourite foods we also sneak in a couple of Forever Lite Shakes, mixed with Coconut milk is our household favourite and whizzed up with Berry Fruits or Spinach, Banana and Nut Butter make superb breakfast on the go before a festive walk in the Brecons which we are so blessed to be located so close to............or if it was bacon and sausage rolls on the way out then Chocolate Forever Lite with Coconut Milk and Added Mint, served warm when we get home is another favourite!

No, we don’t miss out on all of the rich goodies of the season, but everything in moderation is what I say and Forever Lite is so versatile....and luxuriously rich in its own way that I find it a perfect foil for the heavier food whilst being nutritious as well!


2019 - Best Year Yet?

In the run up to the festivities there is often also a feeling of ‘is this it?’ or asking ourselves has anything changed?

This may be a general feeling of not having met goals that we set ourselves a year ago to wondering how to set goals.

When I sit down with team members to look at what they want to achieve I find that goals are often the easy bit, it’s often the how that becomes more complicated......very often life just gets in the way!

For this reason I find that breaking down actions into manageable pieces (how do you eat an elephant? .... A bite at a time!) and having a system and clear working area are paramount.

So firstly, I would look at the bigger picture....this may be the end of next year or even five years time, then break that down into smaller goals of years, months, weeks, days and even hours. The goal becomes a series of mini-goals that feel far more manageable.

Now we have our manageable goals, what else do we need?

Keeping track of  doing what we need to do is the only way we can know if we are moving forward, so I will recommend keeping planning documents and diarise activity. There are many planning systems available for this purpose and it’s worth researching something that suits your purpose and style. What will you enjoy using?

Find an accountability partner - who do you know that you can work alongside? It doesn’t have to be working on similar goals, just someone who is also on a journey of development who can help to nudge you along!

Give yourself frequent rewards.....the big picture of a distant win isn’t always enough to keep you motivated day in and day out.

Have a tidy place to work, if your office is a mess is it any wonder if your life is out of control too?

if you are working from home then do exit the door! It’s worth joining some local networking groups even if you don’t think you are looking to do business with other local will feel refreshed, inspired and motivated by interacting with others. Maybe working in a local coffee shop once a week will give you a different outlook and open you up to meeting new people. Interaction is key to personal growth.

These are just a few of the pointers that I share when helping business owners to reach the next level in their businesses, and I’ll certainly be sharing them one to one over the next weeks as we look at plans and goals for a more successful 2019


If you are looking to achieve a better future for yourself and your family in the next year or so but haven’t yet found the vehicle to provide the income to support your dreams  then get in may just be that our flexible business could suit your needs! Email me on

How to make a Success of Network Marketing

You’re keen to make a new start next year, not full time as you’re not a risk taker, but you want to get a new business going that can be your full time income in the future. You’re looking for a better lifestyle. This is how I was thinking 18 years ago. I was lucky because I fell upon what I believe to be one of, if not the best global network marketing opportunity, but if I was looking around now, these are the questions I’d be addressing.....

What should you look out for when deciding on your home based business future...

1. Join a well established company, NO start up company. Never join a company in pre-launch. EVER. Most Network Marketing start-ups don’t get past year three......just when you should be reaping the rewards of all your hard work! Join someone like you as your sponsor/introducer. Your relationship with this person is likely going to have a big influence in your success, take the time to match your values with those of the person who will be coaching you.
2. Make sure products are consumable and that you can be confident promoting them. Use your products and promote them with passion, retail is a valuable income stream, especially in the beginning.
3. Focus on a balance of recruiting and sales, neither one or the other should be an entire focus......have balance in your business and coach it in your team.
4. Do more than the minimum required, no-one should be doing ‘just enough’ and remember, your team will do what you do!
5. Attend every event your company has.......absorbing everything you can and being a part of the companies culture will be a fantastic support for your business as it grows.
6. Take your business VERY probably hasn’t cost much to get started.......but treat it like you just invested half a million....that way you can expect to see the bigger incomes.....don’t play small!
7. When discouraged, that's the time to get focused......running a home business can sometimes be a solitary experience, when you feel discouraged get out and about and find some upbeat people to mix with and grow your tribe!
8 Get off the phone with the gossips. HUGE waste of time, you’re better than that!
9. Feed your mind, your mind needs food, read Network Marketing and Personal Development books, listen to recordings and attend live events. Network Marketing is a Personal Development journey! The more you learn, the more you earn!                                                                      

And finally.....10. Take your lead from those that have seen success for more than a short period and work with similar ethic and values to your own. Want to find out more about joining my tribe?  email me

Black Friday event for Forever Living Products

A group of leading business owners within the UK are hosting a Black Friday live FaceBook page event.

A live session will run from 8pm to 9:30pm on Thursday 22nd for FaceBook friends and customers of this group. Live product demonstrations and special offers will be presented on the night.

The page will remain open for those that are unable to attend on the night.

This is a great opportunity to see Forever Living Aloe Vera Skincare, Beauty and other Aloe Vera Gift products and take advantage of rare discounts!

To receive your personal invitation contact me without delay!

Forever Living launch unique Bio-Cellulose Beauty Mask

Just in time for the Xmas party season! Forever Living launch their unique Bio-Cellulose Mask. 

Designed to promote glowing skin and with anti ageing properties every woman will want this in their skincare armoury in the run up to the Xmas Party Season.

The technology in creating this mask is cutting edge making it a wow for beauticians as well as their clients.

Retail Customers can buy the mask in packs of 5 to keep their skin in tip top condition with a home beauty treatment.

We are also looking for beauticians who would like to offer this mask as a treatment to their customers......if that is you get in touch!

Forever's Aloe Bio-cellulose Mask provides potent hydration thanks to forward-thinking technology and natural ingredients. Its bio-cellulose fibres fit the contours of your face to deeply moisturise and to ensure every impressive botanical penetrates the fine lines and wrinkles traditional sheet masks fail to reach. Through a process unique to Forever, Aloe Bio-cellulose Mask's formula fuses pure aloe and seagrass with the bio-cellulose fabric to soothe, soften and condition skin. This environmentally-friendly mask has also been enriched by a moisturising serum of green tea and horse chestnut that rejuvenates dull skin by combatting the signs of ageing and reducing the appearance of redness.