Business Partners

Building Relationships, building a business!

After spending a month in Australia visiting friends and enjoying taking in both the wonderful coast and country alongside the equally stunning cities of Sydney and Melbourne (including the first F1 GP of the season.....a passion we were excited to indulge!) my plan for Spring and early Summer has been to invest the energy I’ve brought back from our exciting adventure into both developing more local retail customers and also adding to the Team.

Following a period of ill health a move to South Wales was very much about recuperation, re-balancing my life and enjoying the fruits of my earlier labours in building my successful network marketing business. But that re-grouping time rolled on longer than I had ever planned  so after a wonderful time ‘down under’ during one of their hottest summers on record followed by a stop-over in Qatar to break up the long journey I definitely felt ready to get my sleeves rolled up!

Since moving to Wales I have kept my hand in with the business, attending local business networks where I have developed a few new customers and added to the team as and when the opportunity arose, but having built a substantial business in the previous years, there hasn’t been the need to push myself.......I had achieved the walk away business with income produced from ongoing sales to long-standing customers and passive income from the team working their own businesses where my past input has helped build independence. Exactly what was promised when I set out with baby steps many years ago but I was starting to feel that there is still more to do!

Coming back from the Antipodean adventure I felt refreshed and ready to get stuck in, and the groundwork I have done in the local area over the recent months and years has been a great foundation to springboard the next period of growth.

What I’ve been doing over the recent times is building relationships and building trust, so coming back refreshed and excited about the business, products and the next years potential I have found that new customers and business partners are presenting themselves in abundance! Sometimes we are unaware of how relationships are building and trust is growing until we have a chance to view the journey from a different angle. I don’t think we are always clear exactly where our actions are taking us, but I certainly know that building strong relationships in a relaxed way gives us a seedbed from which the flowers of our future ambitions will blossom!

I’m so excited for 2019 and 2020, not least because Forever Living have recently announced that Sydney is the big company trip destination  for next maybe it was all meant to be and relationships I built this spring in Australia were meant as a foundation for my next big business growth spurt!