Resolutions for a new year and new decade!

The New Year is fast approaching. Many of us are feeling motivated and inspired to make 2020 our year - the year where we get on top of things and make significant changes in our life. I completely understand that sentiment and feel that way myself, who doesn’t?

Looking forward to the New Year, making plans, setting goals and starting a new regime is something that I started to take a lot more seriously when I started my Network Marketing Business nearly 20 years ago. I was taught some useful skills to help me make the best of this, and any other new start. If you struggle with making new starts stick beyond a day or two here are a couple of tips you may find useful:
But before we go into the New Year, I think is important to reflect back on the past one. There is so much to be gained from reflection - what went well this year? What did not go so well? What do I want to change? What do I want more of? These are all important questions to ponder on. Have you created a bit of space before the turn of the year to reflect? In fact, the end of this year is also the end of the decade. A valuable exercise might also be to reflect back on the whole decade. Once you have taken stock on the past month, year, decade, you are in a great place to look forward.

The next thing I would suggest to do is actually give thought to what you want to achieve in the next period, breaking it down into manageable chunks and not throwing yourself at huge dreams without a plan. Pick just one or two achievable goals that will also stretch you. Think about personal goals, family goals, health/fitness/lifestyle goals and business/income goals. Set one for each area so that you create balance. Write them down in the present tense with an achievement date. For example: ‘It is 30th June 2020, I weight 140 pounds and feel light and healthy’ Next create a pathway of small behaviours that you need to achieve this goal. Write these down too. Keep a diary or tracker to keep yourself focussed. For weight loss for example, the My Fitness Pal App can be useful.

Finally take time to make it visual by creating a Goal Board  which can simply be a collage of inspiring pictures cut from magazines along with attached written time-bound goals or try a Goal Map (Brian Mayne offers free tools for his fantastic system, find him at  He offers free tools on his website and inexpensive workshops too. I have found his system invaluable.

However you choose to create your visual goal reminder remember they should be SMART Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timebound.

Have fun and Happy New Year!

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How to make a Success of Network Marketing

You’re keen to make a new start next year, not full time as you’re not a risk taker, but you want to get a new business going that can be your full time income in the future. You’re looking for a better lifestyle. This is how I was thinking 18 years ago. I was lucky because I fell upon what I believe to be one of, if not the best global network marketing opportunity, but if I was looking around now, these are the questions I’d be addressing.....

What should you look out for when deciding on your home based business future...

1. Join a well established company, NO start up company. Never join a company in pre-launch. EVER. Most Network Marketing start-ups don’t get past year three......just when you should be reaping the rewards of all your hard work! Join someone like you as your sponsor/introducer. Your relationship with this person is likely going to have a big influence in your success, take the time to match your values with those of the person who will be coaching you.
2. Make sure products are consumable and that you can be confident promoting them. Use your products and promote them with passion, retail is a valuable income stream, especially in the beginning.
3. Focus on a balance of recruiting and sales, neither one or the other should be an entire focus......have balance in your business and coach it in your team.
4. Do more than the minimum required, no-one should be doing ‘just enough’ and remember, your team will do what you do!
5. Attend every event your company has.......absorbing everything you can and being a part of the companies culture will be a fantastic support for your business as it grows.
6. Take your business VERY probably hasn’t cost much to get started.......but treat it like you just invested half a million....that way you can expect to see the bigger incomes.....don’t play small!
7. When discouraged, that's the time to get focused......running a home business can sometimes be a solitary experience, when you feel discouraged get out and about and find some upbeat people to mix with and grow your tribe!
8 Get off the phone with the gossips. HUGE waste of time, you’re better than that!
9. Feed your mind, your mind needs food, read Network Marketing and Personal Development books, listen to recordings and attend live events. Network Marketing is a Personal Development journey! The more you learn, the more you earn!                                                                      

And finally.....10. Take your lead from those that have seen success for more than a short period and work with similar ethic and values to your own. Want to find out more about joining my tribe?  email me