Forever Living Products from New Horizon

In 2001 I was working with high profile brands in the fashion industry. I desperately wanted a change of direction and more flexibility in my life but since I was highly successful and used to working with the best of the best I wasn't about to jump ship to represent something that was second rate. For that reason, it was important that 000090 raynor 146 reducedwhatever I did next I needed to be sure of the quality and longevity associated with any new venture.

Although my background was firmly rooted in fashion I also had a keen interest in both what I put on my skin and into my body. Although I didn’t know it, I was a natural for a wellness based business.

Since those early days my curiosity has become more focused, probably pretty much in line with the way the world has become more concerned about ingredients and how we can benefit ourselves by choosing wisely.

Our products are world leading in their field and all carry a 60 day money back guarantee. They cover nutritional and sports supplements, our famous weight management plan C9 and FIT (take a look at my FIT Page) and lots of nourishing skincare and carefully formulated personal care, something for absolutely everyone!

If your interest is purely in using our products then pop across to to browse, though a call to me will get you not only free delivery but answers to any questions you may have! Call or text 07860 785008

If your interest in the products is based around your curiosity for our business opportunity then like me you will want to get your hands on the heavily discounted ‘Start Your Journey’ Box. To find out more about evaluating our products as a potential team member drop me a line