Forever Living Products from New Horizon

In 2001 I was working with high profile brands in the fashion industry. I desperately wanted a change of direction and more flexibility in my life but since I was highly successful and used to working with the best of the best I wasn't about to jump ship to represent something that was second rate. For that reason, it was important that 000090 raynor 146 reducedwhatever I did next I needed to be sure of the quality and longevity associated with any new venture.

Although my background was firmly rooted in fashion I also had a keen interest in naturally based skincare products and had been buying organic food for some time as I was concerned about additives and pesticides associated with modern farming and food production. In short I was very aware of what went on and in my body.

When I was first introduced to Forever Living Products, it was a brand I had never heard of, but after doing my research it became apparent that this was a brand that already had over 20 years history, was completely financially secure without any debt along with huge assets worldwide and was built on very strong ethics. This was a company I immediately wanted to know more about.

Here's a video giving you a great overview of our Aloe Product Journey from our company adviser Dr David Urch.........make a brew and have a watch!


We have a massive range of products, the primary ones being our Aloe Vera Drinking Gels along with Bee Products, Nutritional Suppliments, Weight Management and Personal Care (visit and choose your country to see our complete product range........... join us with our discounted ‘Start Your Journey’ box and you immediately have access to your own version of this retail website to promote and gather product orders and make a useful profit of between 35% and 48%).

When I first looked at Forever and after I had researched the company the next thing I wanted to do was to try some products, I ordered that Start Your Journey Box as it was a great discounted way of getting hold of a range of the top selling products along with a whole pack of useful literature to help me get going with my new venture, if you want to discuss the best way for you to get started then drop me an email I'd love to have a chat with you to help you decide which would work best for you.

Everyone has there own questions about our Forever Living Products, so feel free to get in contact to get your questions answered and wherever you live in the world I can get the correct information across to you.


Talk soon