Wellness In The Workplace

Some twenty years ago I had what was considered a very successful business and career in the fashion industry but the truth was I was burned out.

Reflecting on my life as well as my work life I realise that I had become a victim of our new modern era where we could supposedly have it all.....but there was a price to pay!

As a child I walked to school, walked home for lunch where my dad would also come home from work for his lunch. Mum prepared fresh food for us to eat. Takeaways were unheard of and no-one needed to find the time to go to the gym.......what a change in one lifetime!

In my first management job we ate lunch (freshly prepared) in the dining room along with our colleagues of all levels. Time to breath, relax and clear the mind. No mobile phones, very few computers and certainly no social media to distract us.

After setting up my own business based in the Fashion Centre in Nottingham I socialised less, bought sandwiches from the shop in the side street and worked til  late building my business and my career. I put on weight due to a poor diet, got stressed out and generally felt unwell. This is when I decided to make a change in my work.....get some balance and look at what I was putting both into my body and onto my skin. New Horizon was born, giving me a healthier and happier work life and which also started my fascination with developing a healthy and positive mindset! I had created my own ‘Wellness at Work’ situation that I was also able to share with others!

My ambition now is to help individuals and businesses to create better wellness at work using some of the tools that I have learned and  used for myself. Not meaning that everyone should set up their own business as part of my team (though for some that may be an answer) or in any other field, but that I can help support others wellness ambitions through workplace events using my own experience, expertise and of course sharing our amazing products that can help in both the fields of nutrition as well as the all important ‘me-time’ and self care focus that is so lacking in today’s workplace.

I am available to work with individuals and groups with a workplace focus. This can be in-house events, sharing information and encouraging self care, from talks to workshops through to staff pamper and healthy living sessions. There are so many ways to support wellness at work!


To discuss your needs and where I may be able to help contact me by email on denise@newhorizon.uk.com