Why Join New Horizon?

What makes us different?

There are lots of Network Marketing groups around, often setting out to impress with incomes, prizes won, size of team, so why would you want to work with us?

Well, evidence of success and potential for yourself is undoubtably important, and I along with many others in the team have achieved not only good incomes but also travel, car and other incentives. But much more importantly for you, we care more than most think we should and are inspired by honesty and integrity. 

We care about you, our new team member, having a sustainable business that goes on paying you not just now, but in the future too. The values that guide us here at New Horizon are around taking the time to understand what individuals want and working with them to make it happen for them. We do not believe that your journey is based on what we think you should want or when we think you should have it, so we have a culture within this group of being honest and working with you long-term, whatever your short term success (and that can be substantial, but our long-term support is not based on a short-term strategy) Our industry (and indeed the business we work alongside) offers some phenomenal incentives and we think that is great. We also recognise that this can tempt those that recruit you to promise you the world in an instant and focus you on activity that will gain some incredible goodies for them.........with a little short-term success for yourself, but often not with any substance. The danger then is that the bubble bursts and whilst they go on to focus on the next new recruit you are left wondering what happened. Does that sound like a story you've heard before about Network Marketing? It does happen, but not here.

When I first looked at Network Marketing as a business model some 15 years ago I was highly sceptical, seeing it as an industry without scruples or integrity, it was a hard job to recruit me, but I needed to be sure of the values of those I was looking at working alongside. If you are feeling that way too, then you are in good company and I'll say that some healthy scepticism is no bad thing. Be sure to do your due diligence, then feel very confident that your achieving the goals that are important to you will be what guides us and working alongside you to achieve those goals will be our greatest delight!

So if you are looking for glitz and glam with promises that seem too good to be true (they probably are!) then sadly, you are likely not in the right place. However, if you are either keen to develop a business quickly, but understand that everyone in your team won't be the same as you and so you are prepared to work with all in your team in a way that is nourishing and profitable for them in the long-term, or, you want to approach the business in a more steady fashion alongside a myriad of other commitments then tell me where you are now and what you want to achieve and lets see if we can get our sleeves rolled up with you! (Please mention the name of the person that directed you to this site in your email if it was another team member so I can connect your further enquiry with the right person)

Oh, why do we work the way we do? Because your long term success is our long term success. We recognise that working with a long-term view, the leaders may not win every prize on offer, but long term security for everyone is much more important to us than short term gain, this is the way to a secure future business for everyone in the team........and surely that has got to be not just good, but great?